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An area of interest that’s been fascinating me over the last year or so is that of scent or odour. I’m not entirely sure where the interest has come from, but I know it has something to do with the emotional responses that scent can elicit in us, and a fascination around its strong connection. I’m aware that making these connections and thoughts around this stuff have fallen out of the digital storytelling work I’ve done; I created a story-circle exercise focused around the senses and unlike many of the other senses, the things discussed relating to scent (and taste) couldn’t be re-created or represented easily, unlike images, touch and sound… But I’m not entirely sure this accounts fully for the enthusiasm I’m currently experiencing for the topic

Over the last year I’ve variously tinkered with essential oils, dipped my toes into the world of perfumes and home-made cosmetics, and started to consume huge swathes of information on the topic. I’m seeing directly the benefits of certain scents and have become entirely convinced of the value of aromatherapy.

In my unfocused and confused journey into the world of learning about scents I came across the Life in Scents series of podcasts a few months ago, in which a “guest talks about the scents that have meant something to them through their life, whether everyday smells, fine fragrances or peculiar pecadillos”. I bloody love it! An episode and a bath containing clary sage, ylang ylang and jasmine is just the thing to unwind at the end of a long day!

…And oh, what a small world! I’ve been listening to Radio4′s new Digital Human series this week and lo and behold, one of the presenters of Life in Scent is interviewed as part of the episode on engagement. You should listen to that too. It’s FASCINATING!

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We’ve just discovered the Digital Empowerment Forum, and are feeling rather enthused by their work and the resources available on their website…!

DigEm is an innovative digital empowering project that uses a creative approach to teaching ICT skills and provides an effective entry route for learners disengaged with the learning process, or not confident with new technologies. DigEm develops communication skills by using creative tools/media techniques, focused on people’s own lives, through story-telling, photography, music, video and narrative.

All new DT coming soon…! 

Posting here has been less than regular of late, primarily because I’ve been mulling over a new direction for my blog.

I’m redeveloping partly in order to develop my digital practice, partly because I want more control over my content / online identity, and partly because I wanted some kind of portfolio element. Thus, a new, more sophisticated approach is (almost) born! The new site will function both as blog AND a space to share / develop my own work and thoughts. 

I’m aiming to be finished very, very soon…  

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Hi… and Bye! 

Fitting, I’ve not been about here much due to a lack of time, and I’m not really sticking around now! 

Santa’s beard. Happy Christmas one and all, love from Harri x #christmas #gif #beard #advent (Taken with GifBoom)