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Haven’t posted on wallpaper in a while (haven’t posted on anything much in a while!) but this just caught my eye. I’m not writing anymore, as the opening para of the original post below says all i need it to. 
"I am in love with this Mix ‘n’ Match 11 wallpaper collection from Kirath Ghundoo. The collection features seven patterns — Iso, Persia, Geo, Mosaic, Aztec, Lavish and Stack — that are so different yet are the perfect patterns and colors to, well, mix and match." (via Kirath Ghundoo | Design Milk)

It’s Nice That made me smile by posting about the 1980s Argos Catalogue collection that is on Flickr. They’re amazing to click through - I’m posting it because I just love the fact that they picked the electronic games page to represent the collection. They were certainly some of my most poured over pages in the catalogues! Those and god-awful sparkly Elizabeth Duke rings… 

Very nice, very nice.