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Happy December everyone! Here’s an early Christmas present for you. It’s only the BEST advent calendar EVER. (via Inviting Printables: Santa Christmas Countdown Freebie-Updated 10-10-2012)

My, oh my, things have been frantic the past couple of weeks and I’m finding it impossible to find much time for myself, BUT, I did manage to find the time to design/order this year’s Dalton Towers Christmas card earlier this week. 

All you’re getting for now is the sneak peek above. Combining some of my firm favourites - silhouettes, repetition and CHRISTMAS it’s my best effort yet in my adventures with Photoshop! 

Moo.com had some cracking special offers on when i ordered, so they were a bit of a bargain too. Which always makes for a happy Harri! 

Ferm have done a How to wallpaper guide. Nice. 

Oh my! Amazing embroidered watercolours by A hurricane thundercloud!

I went along to Content today, joining writers, photographers, illustrators and designers to making a magazine. In a day! Here’s what we made ^^

I had a fabulous time. I really enjoyed seeing how the whole thing came together in 10ish hours. That’s no mean feat! Especially when you consider that nobody really knew anyone else there; this was not a day out for Cardiff’s most familiar faces! 

For me it was particularly fascinating to watch the illustrators and designers bring the words to life. I was awestruck watching a guy called Max illustrate the piece that @areyoulaura and I put together. BLOWN AWAY! It’s helped filled some of my gaps in understanding around the processes involved in creating a magazine. I feel I’ve taken a lot of useful knowledge from today.

The event was part of Cardiff Design Festival, and was organised by Plastik Magazine and Cardiff School of Journalism. I’d like to encourage a repeat performance next year #cardiffmakeamag, but you, yes, *you* should come too xxx

Says a huge amount about where i am in my life when i get excited about seeing projects like this on my doorstep!

DIY Academy Wales you are so bookmarked! 

Meet Linus. He’s just the cutest thing. EVER: Crochet Fox Pillow

I can’t WAIT to try these with Megan! (via Pinterest)

Custom-Printed Ceramic Tiles. What a great idea! 

I love this little kitchen DIY: Have & Make: Dipped Wooden Utensils