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Genius. Proper cracking me up <3

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BBC News - Corgi and other native Welsh breeds facing extinction 

Every now and again I’ll be doing something and my phone will suddenly go bananas because something corgi-related is going on and all my wonderful friends want me to know. Monday night was one of those times. BBC Wales were running a corgi story on the news. And here you go, here’s the story. Shame they’re getting the emphasis wrong - Corgis have been endangered for years - but at least they’ve finally run a story about our beautiful (biased, me?) native breed.

What’s notable for me is that Mary Davies, the Corgi breeder featured in the story is Sianni’s rescuer! That is, she was the nice breeder that rescued her from her horrible breeder. Mary is proper Corgi royalty. Apparently she’s sold to the Queen! :D

The Dachshund UN performance art project.
I don’t know why, but Tumblr won’t let me embed the video to go with this, which is here: http://museumvictoria.com.au/about/mv-news/2010/dachshund-un-report/dachshund-un-video/

Watch it, and I’m sure you’ll agree that dogs should definitely be involved in politics more! (via Sausage Dogs save the world… Dachshund U.N. « Artabase Editorial)

Things that make me happy #1: Dogs who ride in cars with their heads out the window.

Made with Paper

Beautiful Day at the Dog Park (by Kelsey Wynns)

This Michael Sowa image is from an Animalarium post about dogs and the women who love them.
Too good to be true, I love dogs, I love Michael Sowa and I love Animalariaum! Dogs and their Women

…Have i posted this before? I can’t remember what I’ve seen and what I haven’t seen anymore!

Disabled Pets by Carli Davidson. Photographer Carli Davidson was inspired to create this beautiful and heartwarming series after seeing a German Shepherd in a wheelchair playing happily with its owner. According to Carli, “It was so happy, a dog doing what dogs do, totally undeterred by its disability. I felt inspired by the whole scenario. The owner made this choice out of love, to do a little extra work every day to make sure his friend was happy and comfortable.” (via Dog Milk)

Please help fill this emptiness

Where are my knitting needles? Amazing free pattern from Studio Morran. So lovely! 

 ♥ Morran ♥
Floods of tears here. 
The 2007 book of illustrations of Morran is such a nice record for her to have in his absence.