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The Oswald Fifties Desk is a bit wow, no? 

how cool?

Oh, I love this idea! Perfect for when you’re working on the floor (as I seem to be doing a lot at the moment…)
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3. HERITAGE IS IMPORTANT TO ME. By that I mean not just the provenance of any piece I am bringing into my home, but also family heritage. I like to blend inherited family pieces with found pieces to form the basis of my home interior. Of everything I own, my favourite item of furniture is a humble kitchen pantry table made from television and radio cabinets by my grandfather during the forties.”

Oliver Childs from Homespun Vintage gives his top tips for buying vintage pieces > each and every tip here is great, but the above is especially valuable. Good job @homepunvintage! 

Very nice. 

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objet : Jules * Sanijura

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Hurrah! Converging interests - this time it’s furniture stories! This was *made* for me and my increasing obsession with documenting everything. You can download the label via the Design Milk post: Product ID: Every Piece of Furniture Has A Story 

Just browsing the ‘new' section of the Jonathan Adler site… 

*sigh* I wish i had the space in my bedroom for a dressing table and mirror. 
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Love this. The PlaidBench collection is “assembled out of interlocking iconic urban benches into a plaid surface”. I want one.
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