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Still gathering inspiration for the bathroom refit.
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All about amazing tiles: popham design spring tiles 

Tiles. AMAZING TILES! Oh my!
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Custom-Printed Ceramic Tiles. What a great idea! 

These tiles made me swear because they are so nice! (via PLASTOLUX “keep it modern” » Geometric Tile - Kismet)

Shall I tell you a secret? I am insanely jealous of anyone with nice tiled floors… (via sneak peek: best of patterned floors | Design*Sponge)

More nice tiles. 

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Look at these wall tiles. Just LOOK at these wall tiles. (Ignore the floor, that’s not so great.)
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Look at these beautiful external tiles. They clad a butchers shop in Amanford.

Wowser. Check out the picture post on this amazing Charley Harper mosaic. If you don’t know who Charley Harper is, treat yourself and give him a Google. 
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Cardiffians, go and have a look at the new Cardiff Story exhibition. Simon, Laura and I had a quick look round on Saturday, and we were pretty impressed. I need to go back, and next time I need to spend a bit more time looking around, and a bit less time in the tiled hallway! 

Inspired by my highly enjoyable visit to Annabel’s last weekend, i’ve been on the scout for some Scrabble-themed things. It didn’t take long to unearth these…

1. Bespoke recycled felt cushions here 
2. Wall tiles here